Hire this company and you will get unprofessionals, mostly day laborers not suitably dressed or trained, performing {{Redacted}} work and leaving the job site each night looking like a third world dump site! Trash strewn around lawns, no dumpster-they use an open landscape trailer, and the supervisor sits in her beater car with the front bumper tied on, smoking and looking at her cellphone all day.

Plastic bottles and trash litter the lawn, and they obviously don’t know that sprinklers come on in the morning, soaking the plywood they left all over the grass, ready to go on the roof the next day- wet and warping, ready to mold up under the tyvek! They use hammers -no nail gun or compressor-and blowers on the roof! Absolutely no safety equipment for their workers, either. Blowing nails all over the street for the neighbors to run over, while trash blows over to the neighbors’ lawns.

Not to mention the leaking oil from their trucks staining the street, and no building permit in sight. This is the absolute worst roofing company I’ve ever seen, and we know what pros look like! The first day, the workers looked like they were picked up on a corner, in short pants, sneakers, and t-shirts in the roasting Florida heat. They obviously couldn’t complain about it, and after watching them slave away for 12 hours, we called security and ended their day for them at 7:00 pm.

They started work at 7:00 am. Someone should investigate this company for their labor practices and sloppy, unprofessional manner.

They threw a plastic tarp, unsecured, over the bare roof, and left. Check out the photo!

Product or Service Mentioned: Cmr Construction And Roofing Roof Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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We could have written this review word for word. They have lied to us, failed county inspections, continued leaks.

They have been working our development for 4 months. Used improper materials, don’t know how to install, the list goes on. Every one is at fault, except them.

Their liscense should be revoked and never be allowed to work again in the State of Florida. Very Angry Customers!!!


We are in exactly the same boat. We could have written this review word for word.

They have lied to us every step of the way.

We have had improper materials put down, failed inspections from the county, the list goes on. We truly feel their liscense should be revoked for any further work in Collier County Florida.

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